Migration Under a Labor Government

The Labor party has claimed victory in the 2022 Federal election. But what does that mean for business?

At a time when unemployment is at an all-time low, we can expect adjustments to Australia’s immigration policy, which will hopefully support business.

According to key goals of Labor’s skilled immigration policy, articulated in the November 2021 ALP National Platform, our new government will work:

  • Meet skills shortages,
  • Protect local employment opportunities and working conditions, and
  • Prevent exploitation of temporary workers, particularly international students and working holiday makers.

More specifically, the policy says,

  • “Labor’s priority is to ensure that job opportunities are offered to local workers first and that temporary migration will never be used as a means to undercut local wages, conditions and training opportunities. Skilled temporary migrants can help Australian businesses to thrive but will only be used where a verifiable skill shortage exists.
    Labor will restore public confidence in Australia’s temporary migration program and ensure that temporary migration does not adversely affect the employment and training opportunities for Australians, particularly young people who suffer from higher rates of unemployment and
  • Labor will reform the regional migration program and encourage skilled migrants to take up jobs in rural and regional locations only where skill gaps exist.”

The Australian Green’s policy is pretty much aligned with these goals, which is good news as the Greens appear to have a strong hold in the Senate. The Greens’ policy also calls for a review of the family, skilled and business migration streams to prioritise family reunion and meet skills shortages… what does all of that mean in regard to future policies? Nobody is certain yet, but as Australian businesses know all too well; there is certainly a big skills gap and skilled migration is the best answer.


Interesting times ahead, let’s hope Labor’s policies will help Australian businesses access the talent needed the grow the economy.

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