Is it time for a smaller office with more staff?

If your lease is coming up for renewal, you’re probably tossing up whether you need to stick with the space you have or down-size. After-all plenty of people now want to work at least half the week from home, and resurgent waves of COVID and flu are making it difficult to convince even those who enjoy being in the office to come back onsite.

What could possibly be wrong with moving into a smaller space and hot-desking into the future?

With office occupancy rates falling for the first time in six months, you’re not on your own in having these thoughts.

According to The Australian Financial Review, the occupancy rate in Melbourne slumped to 38% in July, down from 49% a month earlier, while in Sydney, the rate fell from 55% to 52%. Brisbane dropped from 64 to 53% and Adelaide declined from 71% to 64%.

Only Canberra and Perth bucked the trend, rising from 53% to 61% and from 65 to 71% respectively.

So, with all of this in mind, what should you do?

One great strategy is to take advantage of serviced office environments, at least while you wait for things to settle and the future to become clearer.

Serviced offices are available to rent from month-to-month and come with options to increase or decrease space as required, to rent additional meeting rooms when you need them, and to access soundproof pods for private conversations. Handy services like a concierge, high speed internet, on-site IT specialists, cafes and cleaners remove the pressure of moving into and managing an office environment. And flexible workspaces are designed to provide dedicated areas for tenants while also facilitating interaction. In doing so, they create excitement in otherwise uncertain times, and may even lead to the generation of new ideas or even business opportunities.

There are several serviced workspaces available to suit companies of different sizes so look around. The amount of money you save on leasing unnecessary space could be used to remunerate or reward staff, equip them for more productive remote work or invested back into other parts of the business.

Ready to Offer More?

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