Your Transferable Skills are Your Future

In a world where transferable skills – as opposed to specific job experience – are increasingly in demand, the ability to identify and communicate your own professional skills is essential.

Transferable skills are the abilities and strengths you have acquired from previous jobs and life itself, that you can apply to any other position or industry. Articulating transferable skills on your resume will stand you ahead of other candidates, even if you have very little experience in the role you’re applying for.

Consider the following skills that you will have established during your career, and how you can apply them to the next contract you go for:

  1. A strong leader

Are you confident and prepared to take control of a situation and lead a team? Can you delegate tasks, motivate team members, and contribute to their development?

  1. A team worker

Are you as happy working autonomously as you are collaborating with your colleagues? Do you encourage and listen to suggestions made by team members, then help develop those suggestions to determine optimal outcomes?

  1. An organiser

Do you have strong organisational skills – are you calm, prepared and able to prioritise projects then complete them in a timely manner?

  1. Motivated

Are you motivated to find creative solutions for challenges that arise? Are you self-disciplined to complete projects to the best of your ability and within a timely manner? Are you enthusiastic about embracing new opportunities and learning new skills?

  1. A strong communicator

Are you able to communicate clearly, concisely, and professionally with people across all levels of an organisation and beyond? Can you present well at team meetings and are your nonverbal communication skills equally proficient? Are you an active and responsive listener?

  1. A researcher and analyser

Can you create and/or understand analytical reports, charts, graphs, and tables to understand and solve organisational challenges?

  1. A critical thinker

Can you take a problem, analyse it using critical thinking and build logical steps to overcome it.

  1. Tech savvy

Are you adept at particular software programs and applications, and do you have the interest and enthusiasm to quickly learn new IT skills, as required?

  1. Flexible

Are you flexible to meet the needs of a constantly changing work environment with a positive attitude.

  1. Dependable

Can you be relied on to take on a project, report back as required, and complete it to meet expectations?

When considering your own experience, think through each of these skills and come up with examples of how you’ve applied them in jobs over time. Demonstrating your ability to apply these critical skills will stand you in good stead for your next contract.

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