Your Workforce: Your Future Success

Investing in creating a positive workforce experience strategy can deliver savings equivalent to 12.6% of revenues, according to a global survey conducted by PriceWaterhouse Coopers.

That’s because a positive employee experience increases productivity, while also reducing absenteeism and turnover – typically major costs for organisations.

The report provides “hard evidence” that investing in employee experience really works – however the authors caution, doing so isn’t a matter of taking a broad-brush approach. Every organisation, and every employee is different, so you need to explore your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses, and speak to your employees to gain honest, robust feedback before making decisions on where to invest.

Areas for investment could include employees’ mental and physical well-being; training and career-development; more competitive compensation; a flexible hours policy; improving the (physical) work environment; or enabling autonomy for employees to organise their own work.

While a comprehensive approach is required to yield the full 12.6% of total turnover, focussing on specific areas can make a difference – for example, investing in well-being can yield 1.78% of total turnover while increasing salaries can lead to a yield of 1% of turnover.

As PwC people and organisation expert Bastiaan Starink. “A good employee experience has value. It contributes to an organisation’s financial results, and it helps attract and retain talent…. a poor employee experience is a risk that destroys the (stock) market value. Apart from that: it’s in the interest of society that employees can reach their retirement age in a good and healthy way and in balance with their private life”.

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