Let’s Make Onsite Work Great Again

Finding staff to work onsite can be difficult, especially if you want them there five days a week. After all, most workers have become accustomed to remote or hybrid work arrangements – and they like them.

So how can you make your business more attractive?

Start by thinking about why people like working from home…

The main reasons are:

  • Flexibility to fit their personal life demands into their working day.
  • Valuable hours regained by avoiding the daily commute, and
  • Money saved by avoiding on public transport or a drive and park.

How can you possibly compete with that?

It’s time to rethink the way you run your business…

Flex is key

To help people find a balance between work and life, can you:

  • Introduce a flexible roster so, for example, a person can work three long days and two short; or a full two weeks over nine days.
  • Encourage people to make time to attend their kids’ school events,
  • Build teams who will cover for each other if they need to leave, at short notice, to attend to personal matters.

Compensation can help

To help overcome the high costs of fuel, parking etc, can you:

  • Cover or contribute to the cost of public transport to work,
  • Reward performance with fuel vouchers or parking spaces,
  • Install a bike rack to encourage people to ride.

Other ways to incentivise strong talent to join your onsite team include performance incentives; a well-stocked fridge and fruit bowl; a weekly breakfast at the office that doubles up as networking / catch up event; a table tennis or pool table in the office, and the provision of membership to a gym close to work.

Finally, you need to build a team culture, where people value coming into the office for both professional and personal development and where they feel valued for their efforts. Once you have this great culture in place, you’ll find word of mouth takes over… you’ll have people knocking at the doors, looking to join your team.

Looking to build your team?

Contractors can be a highly effective way to introduce skills and fill gaps in your workforce knowledge – whether for the short or long term. At the Ayers Group, our experts make contractor engagement stress-free. We can take care of all your administrative and migration needs in one easy platform that integrates with your existing software. Find out more.