Embrace Your Freedom to Contract

Contracting offers some pretty amazing freedoms – with a bit of luck (or some clever negotiation) you can work in an industry you love, during your own hours, and from home or even while you’re travelling.

However, as your workload intensifies, it can be easy to neglect important administration that keeps you compliant with accounting and government regulations.

Then, once you let things slide, your admin can quickly become overwhelming exposing you to significant risk, like loss of contracts, debt and penalty fines.

At The Ayers Group we have the solution. With over 20 years’ experience supporting contractors with day-to-day administrative tasks, and a close ear to the ground to ensure we’re abreast of ever-changing legislation, we can take the load off your shoulders.

Our automated, online contractor management solution provides everything you need to manage your contracts, meet your contractual obligations and grow your wealth. Prepare invoices, claim expenses, submit time-sheets for approval, set up new contractual documentation and more – it’s all accessible to you from one user-friendly portal via any device.

Contact an expert from The Ayers Group today. We’re standing by to help you resolve any contract management issues that come your way.