Goal Setting: Let’s Get Realistic

Setting goals to be achieved in 12 months’ time? Think again.

It turns out that setting big picture, long-term goals is not as effective as setting goals that are attainable in the short term.

This was the finding of a study conducted among MBA students and published in Applied Psychology: An International Review.

The study compared the application of goal setting theory on student self-efficacy, satisfaction with their MBA program, as well as performance. They found that immediately after setting specific high goals, the self-efficacy of MBA students who set year end (distal) outcome goals was lower than participants who had determined to either ‘do your best’ or set learning goal conditions.

Performance was significantly higher among those who set proximal goals (higher probability but lower value) compared to those who set distal goals (with lower probability but higher value).

Participants who set proximal goals, as well as a distal outcome goal, achieved greater success than those who only set a distal goal or those who were urged to do their best.

Drawing on these findings, we can assume that when setting personal and professional goals, we may be better off focussing on short term, achievable goals that when cumulatively achieved, lead to a greater outcome.

Setting daily goals that are achievable in most instances will ensure you receive the professional and personal satisfaction you need to drive performance today, tomorrow and the day after that. And isn’t that what you need as a contractor?

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